About Us



META is a promise of self-awareness. A gentle reminder that we are not alone in this world and all that we feel, all that we are, all that we believe is the result of a complex yet simple system of interconnectedness. Our products are each hand selected for their ability to deliver on this promise. We offer books, aromas, and stones as tools to aid our community in the process of healing, self-discovery and awareness.

Mindfulness reminds us of the importance of this very moment, simply the power of now; it is life's only guarantee.

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed; it just transforms. We are all energy beings with the ability to transform into better versions of ourselves.

Transcendence is our power to rise above any situation we find ourselves in, this happens spiritually before our physical reality reflects this change.

Alignment is a state of being purposefully positioned within our life. While it can take endless forms; at its core it enables flow, releases blockages and generates creative energy for pure magic to unfold.

Mindfulness. Energy. Transcendence. Alignment.